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Cyanotype from  Lustrous Luminaries  by Kevin Orlosky

Cyanotype from Lustrous Luminaries by Kevin Orlosky

That’s why CultureWorks partners with The Better Housing Coalition to bring special events for BHC neighborhoods! In addition last week’s Ezibu Muntu’s performance at the Family & Friends’ Day at Claiborne square Apartments and Tabernacle Baptist Church in Petersburg, we’ll offer these special events for other BHC communities:

Randolph Place Senior Apartments will work with artist Kevin Orlosky, from Art on Wheels, to produce a special cyanotype mural with the residents that reflect “Home.” Cyanotypes dates back to the 1840s. They are an alternative, non-silver photography process that calls for white paper or fabric to be coated with light-sensitive chemicals. Film negatives, digital negatives or physical objects can be placed atop the surface, and when exposed to sunlight over a short period of time, the surface darkens to a cyan blue, leaving a positive image in white. Residents will use objects that mean “home” to them to create a mural of cyanotypes that will be displayed in their building.

Thanks to support from the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Uncle Ty-Rone brings his ventriloquppets to the families at Lincoln Mews and North Oak Apartments! The Virginia native has been sharing his love for entertaining where ever he can find people who want to laugh and enjoy good clean fun. He has appeared at comedy clubs, fairs, festivals, libraries, corporate events, educational venues all across the country to well satisfied audiences. Looking forward to a fun night with Uncle Ty-Rone and his friends.

Be on the lookout for other sponsored events throughout the region - especially at Capital One Cafes in Short Pump Towne Center and Carytown!

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Uncle Ty-Rone and his friends

Uncle Ty-Rone and his friends

Terry Menefee Gau